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The Halls Group, also known as Halls Hosting, located in the United Kingdom with a registered office at The Halls Group, Sunnyhill, Witley, Godalming, Surrey, GU8 5RN.

Acceptable Use:

All services provided by The Halls Group must be used for lawful purposes only. This includes complying with United Kingdom laws and international treaties. Prohibited activities include the transmission, storage, or presentation of copyrighted, threatening, obscene, or trade secret-protected material. The client is responsible for any claims arising from the use of services that harm the subscriber or any other party.

Prohibited Content:

Sites promoting illegal activities, content harmful to servers, or links to such materials are not allowed. Examples of unacceptable content include pirated software, hacker programs, and Warez sites.

MAX Plan Features:

Explore all features included in our MAX Plan by clicking here.

Contact Us:

For any inquiries about our MAX Plan, please reach out to us by clicking here.


Clients are not required to sign an acceptance of the terms and conditions for them to be applicable. Acceptance is implied when a client accepts a quote, pays an invoice, or subscribes to our MAX Plan. By using our services, you agree to the terms and conditions.


Clients are required to provide detailed information about the type of website, logo design, or bespoke software/services they need. This includes images and text specifications. Clear communication about your requirements is essential.

Unlimited Use:

Clients on our MAX Plan enjoy unlimited use of our services.

Logo Design:

If you need a logo for your business or personal use, provide us with all necessary details such as name, design preferences, and optional slogan. We will present up to 6 logo concepts for your review. Upon finalizing a design, you own the full copyright of the image. Unused designs remain the copyright of The Halls Group.

Bespoke Services:

If you need a customized service, please provide us with detailed information to ensure we deliver the best possible service tailored to your needs. We offer a wide range of services, from HR software to invoice software to CRM (Client Relationship Management). If you’re unsure about the service you require, feel free to contact our team for personalized assistance.

Client Review:

You will have the opportunity to review the appearance and content of the work we have completed for you.

Turnaround Time:

We will provide you with an estimated timeline for the service you request, such as website creation, logo design, video editing, or bespoke services. The estimated time may be adjusted based on the complexity of the task. Once we have all the necessary information, we will communicate a completion date to you.

Failure to Provide Requested Content:

To ensure efficient workflow, we kindly request that you provide all required information in a timely manner. If there are delays due to missing information, we reserve the right to pause your project. For projects involving Search Engine Optimization (SEO), timely provision of text content is crucial for efficient planning and execution. Failure to provide necessary information within one week of project commencement may result in project suspension.

Annual Payment:

Full payment for annual services must be made in advance before we commence work.

Monthly Payment:

£100.00 deposit upfront, followed by monthly costs of £20.00 for 11 months.

Deposits are non-refundable unless a cancellation is requested before project initiation. The deposit is deducted from the client’s invoice. Clients continuing with the Max Plan monthly option after a year do not need to submit another deposit.

Failure to pay for the monthly payment, will result in the MAX Plan package to be suspended until all invoices are back up to date. 


All invoices will be generated and sent by Halls Hosting billing software.

Web Browsers:

The Halls Group endeavors to create websites that can be viewed by a wide range of visitors. Our websites are optimized to function on popular current browsers like Firefox, Internet Explorer 8 & 9, Google Chrome, Edge, etc. Please note that while we strive for compatibility, we cannot guarantee seamless functionality across all browser software on various operating systems. The Halls Group is not liable for web pages that may not display correctly on new browser versions released after the website handover to the client.


Termination of services by the client must be formally requested in a letter on the company’s letterhead and will be considered effective upon receipt of such notice. Requests for termination via email or telephone will only be acknowledged if followed up with a formal letter.

By agreeing to the services provided and designed by us, you confirm your satisfaction with the work, and no refunds will be issued thereafter. This policy applies to all features of our Halls MAX Plan.


All services provided by The Halls Group must be utilized for lawful purposes only. By using our services, you agree to indemnify and safeguard The Halls Group against any claims arising from your use of our services that may cause harm to you or any other party.


The client retains the copyright to data, files, and graphic logos they provide and grants The Halls Group permission to publish and utilize these materials. It is the client’s responsibility to obtain the necessary permissions and rights to use any information or files that are copyrighted by third parties. The client also agrees to indemnify and hold The Halls Group harmless from any claims arising due to the client’s negligence or failure to secure proper copyright permissions.

By entering into a contract for website design or placement, the client guarantees to The Halls Group that all required permissions and authorizations have been obtained. The Halls Group may request evidence of these permissions. We maintain full copyright over the design, source code, images, etc., of all services created for the client. Should the client wish to acquire full rights to these elements, a prior written agreement and possibly a fee negotiation with The Halls Group is required.

In the absence of written consent from The Halls Group, the ownership of the design and code remains with us. Additional charges may apply for access to the source code. Unauthorized use of our design on other platforms may result in legal action. We reserve the right to protect our copyright and data by restricting access to the source code if necessary. These terms provide a non-exclusive limited license allowing the client to use the design solely on one domain name, unless otherwise agreed upon. The client must not use our services for more than one domain without a prior written agreement with The Halls Group.

The client agrees not to resell or distribute completed files without prior written consent. Furthermore, the client must adhere to the terms of any third-party software or media incorporated into the work. This includes but is not limited to Google Maps, media under the Creative Commons license, RSS feeds, and Open Source GPL Software.

Content Management Systems:

Our website designs are built on WordPress, known as one of the most advanced programs globally. We utilize the core software of WordPress and enhance it further with our own tools. Clients will have access to the admin section of WordPress; however, this access will be limited to prevent inadvertent changes to website settings. If a client desires full admin privileges, we can accommodate this request, but any changes made by the client may not be reverted by us to ensure the website functions properly. WordPress, being an open-source software, enables companies like ours to customize and enhance its capabilities.

Design Credit:

A link to Halls Hosting will be displayed discreetly at the bottom of the client’s website, either in small text or via a modest graphic logo. The appearance of this link will be harmonized with the overall design of the site. Should a client wish to remove the design credit, a nominal fee will be charged. The client also consents to the inclusion of their website in The Halls Group’s portfolio. In cases where the client removes the design credits without prior notification, we reserve the right to suspend the client’s account until the logo or text is reinstated.

Google AdWords:

Utilizing Google AdWords presents a valuable opportunity for our clients to enhance brand visibility, attract new customers, and retain existing ones. The Halls Group will oversee the management of the account to ensure that advertisements reach their maximum potential. Clients are required to direct The Halls Group in creating ads on Google AdWords. It is agreed that The Halls Group will not be responsible for settling any invoices on Google AdWords or adding credits to the client’s account. The client bears full responsibility for their Google AdWords account and agrees to provide login details to our team for creating the appropriate ads. Upon initiating ad creation, the client will receive an email outlining the estimated cost from Google for the ads produced by us.

Post-Placement Alterations:

The Halls Group cannot be held accountable for any modifications made by a third party to the client’s pages after installation. These alterations may include additions, modifications, or deletions, among others.

Domain Names:

The client’s primary domain will be renewed annually by The Halls Group as part of our MAX Plan. The domain ending in , .uk , will be renewed by The Halls Group any other domains will need to be covered by the client. In the event that we cover the domain renewal cost and the client later terminates services with The Halls Group, we will retain ownership of the domain until the client settles the outstanding domain fee.


These Terms and Conditions take precedence over all prior representations, understandings, or agreements. The client’s signature or payment of an advance fee signifies agreement to and acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. Online payment is considered acceptance of our terms and conditions.

Governing Law:

This Agreement will be governed by English Law.

Moving Your Website Away:

While we hope our clients remain with us, should a client decide to transfer their services elsewhere, we are committed to facilitating a smooth transition. Here are some important points to consider:

Assuming all invoices payments are paid, we will support the transfer to another web host or web design company. The new provider must contact us directly to ensure a seamless transfer process.

Only your content files and essential associated files required for website functionality will be transferred. Any proprietary work-up files, original images created by us, help files, or non-essential files, programs, or software/scripts will not be transferred without agreement (refer to copyright terms).

If your website utilizes a database, only the database content will be transferred. Your new provider will need to arrange the necessary database systems for importing the data.

It is important to note that we cannot guarantee or be held liable for any downtime during the transfer process. Furthermore, we cannot ensure that your current website will function flawlessly on another web hosting server. It is the client’s responsibility to confirm with the new provider that their hosting system is compatible with your website files.


As a MAX Plan client, you will be enrolled in our top-tier plan known as “Ultimate.” The client must adhere to Halls Hosting Legal Agreements, including the Order Terms and Conditions, Terms of Use, and the Privacy Policy.


The Halls Group, along with its Employees and Agents, shall not be held liable for:

Loss or damage resulting from inaccuracies.

Loss or damage due to omissions.

Loss or damage caused by delays or errors, whether due to negligence or other causes during the website production.

Loss or damage to clients’ artwork/photos provided for the site, regardless of whether the loss or damage is due to negligence or other reasons.

The total liability of The Halls Group to the Client for any claim or breach of this Agreement, regardless of negligence, shall be limited to the charges paid for the Services under this Agreement related to the specific breach.


Any invalid, illegal, or unenforceable provision shall be substituted with a mutually acceptable valid, legal, and enforceable provision that aligns closely with the parties’ original intentions.


As a Halls MAX Plan client, we are committed to keeping your website and bespoke software updated, resolving bugs, ensuring security, and more. We will maintain your services throughout the entire year with The Halls Group.

No Limit on The Halls Group Engagements:

The client acknowledges that any agreement made does not restrict The Halls Group from offering similar services to other clients based on general marketing concepts and the knowledge and expertise gained. The Halls Group may also develop and maintain products or services that could compete with the deliverables and materials provided by The Halls Group.

Copyright Restrictions:

In accordance with our copyright policies, we retain the right to limit access to certain parts of the “admin area” of the services we provide, including the website backend software and bespoke services backend software. This restriction is in place to safeguard our source code and design copyright. Access to master logins, theme coding, plugins, users, pages, or other areas may be restricted. If you require updates on the website, simply submit a support ticket for assistance (part of our WebCare services). Access to users will be granted upon request only. Restrictions are in place to ensure the proper functioning of the website or bespoke services. Altering or deactivating certain components may disrupt the website design or bespoke software, which we will not rectify.

Remote Access:

To efficiently support our web design clients, we have implemented a system that allows remote access to websites under a single “master login.” This enables us to promptly address any issues, updates, or other requirements. By using this remote service, you consent to its inclusion on your website.

Contract Terms:

The Halls MAX Plan entails a full one-year contract. Either party can terminate the contract at any time, but refunds will not be provided.

Time Limits:

Under the Halls MAX Plan, although changes, edits, and productions are unlimited, there are specific time limits in place. For instance:

Web Design: A new theme can be developed four weeks after the client signs off on the original theme.

Logo Design: A new logo can be created two weeks after the client approves the initial design.

Image/Photo Editing: Editing can be done one week after the client approves the images/photos.

Bespoke Software: Development can begin three weeks after the client approves the initial software design.

These time limits ensure efficient project management. In rare circumstances of high workload, projects may be slightly delayed to accommodate ongoing work for other clients.

Booking Process:

As a MAX Plan client, you agree to schedule work with our team when needed. Before commencing any work, the client must provide all necessary information (refer to “Failure to provide requested content”). Our team will then estimate the time required and schedule the work accordingly. In rare instances of high demand, projects may need to be rescheduled to ensure timely completion of existing work for other clients.

Reserve Clause:

The Halls Group retains the authority to alter the services provided in our Max Plan, which may involve adding, removing, or modifying services. These changes can be made at any time without advance notice. Nevertheless, we will endeavor to promptly inform you of any modifications.

Cancellation and Refunds Policy:

If you wish to cancel your Halls MAX Plan, please submit a cancellation request promptly. We may contact you to verify the cancellation or explore alternative options before processing it.

To cancel before your renewal date, the request must be made at least 7 days in advance. Termination of the agreement will result in the cessation of services provided, including data deletion.

Once you have initiated the cancellation process, it cannot be halted midway. All data stored on our servers will be deleted. In case of accidental cancellation requests, immediate contact is necessary. After completion, we will confirm the cancellation, and data cannot be recovered.

Due to the nature of our services, refunds are not issued post-service delivery.

Chargeback Policy:

In the event of a chargeback (refund initiated by your payment provider), you will be responsible for covering a £30 fee plus the outstanding MAX Plan fees for the unused period. For instance, if you subscribed in May and initiate a chargeback in September, you must settle the remaining months’ fees.

Failure to pay the chargeback fee and remaining dues will lead to suspension of services until full payment is received. Legal action or alternative recovery methods may be pursued to address outstanding costs.

Service Sharing Restriction:

The MAX Plan is designed exclusively for the benefit of the contracted party (the client) and may not be shared, sublicensed, or transferred to any other individual, company, or legal entity. The client is prohibited from assigning, transferring, or delegating any rights or responsibilities under the MAX Plan to third parties, including other clients or companies. Any breach of this sharing or transfer prohibition may result in immediate termination of the MAX Plan by our company. Legal action may be taken against the client for any damages arising from unauthorized sharing or transfer of the MAX Plan.

The client acknowledges that the MAX Plan is licensed on a per-company basis. If the client operates multiple companies or projects, each entity must separately purchase and maintain a distinct MAX Plan subscription. Sharing, combining, or interchanging the MAX Plan between different entities is not permitted.

Notification of Changes:

We retain the right to modify these conditions as we deem appropriate, and your continued use of our website, hosting services, and web design signifies your acceptance of any adjustments made to these terms. The terms may be altered at any time, and we reserve the right not to notify you. However, please note that we have never made changes to our terms without informing our clients in the past. We will always maintain records of previous terms so that clients can compare and identify any differences in our term changes.

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